Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two great words

I am thankful for not being complete.

Read this post again. To be complete means that I am done. And I pray that is never true.

I learned two great words yesterday: learning ethic. You've heard of work ethic. But learning ethic is the same. You work hard, you learn the same. You never shut off the spigot of learning, growing, expanding. You are in a universe that is ever-expanding. Shouldn't your mind (and your heart and spirit) be in line with that?

A more practical example--Michael Jordan. We all know the legendary practice habits of the great man. He could have rested on his laurels at any time. Simply, no. From the book,
"Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" by Carol Dweck:

Former Bulls assistant coach John Bach called him "a genius who constantly wants to upgrade to his genius."

A genius who constantly wants to upgrade his genius.

A man who constantly wants to be his best self--that is me. This is more understanding of why and how I do the things I do. Yet, not just for me. For others. And one day, one other special person.

And, dare I say, there is even a love ethic. I have this, too. Love that keeps giving, even when it isn't returned.

And what we have, yet again, is a trinity.

(A tip of the hat to a good friend and mentor. Thanks for listening yesterday.)


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