Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I've talked quite a bit this month about threes and trinities. Here is one more, to end April, and to start May.

I love Paulo Coehlo's writings. They have been uplifting and eye-opening for me as I have been making my way through a tough patch. They give me inspiration, and hope for tomorrow, and the next day.

Here is today's quote. From the outside, it may seem as if I am suffering. But as I seek my goal, the quest makes me happy.

Here are some samples of Carlos Castaneda's writings about being a warrior. There are no violent connotations to this sort of warrior, one of the spirit.

The most difficult thing in this world is to adopt the spirit and attitude of a warrior. It is no use being sad, complaining, feeling unjustly treated, and believing someone is doing something negative. No one is doing anything, and certainly not to a warrior.

And, here is the latest Warrior of Light newsletter. He talks about what I do here many days, which is write what is in my heart. It does take a certain amount of courage to open your heart and soul up and allow others in. This way, it is not an intrusion. Writers want you inside of their souls.

Since letters, words and sentences are traced out on paper, there is no reason to feel tense. The hand that writes eventually comes to rest, and the heart of the person who dared to share his or her feelings smiles.

Thank you, Mr. Coehlo.


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