Thursday, May 31, 2007

Notes from a late break

From earlier today...
  • Listing to "Out of This World" by John Coltrane. An incredible song; I think this is deeper that "A Love Supreme"
  • It's ok to let go and release. It's never good to hold things in.
  • There's a danger in blogging of repeating myself. One way to fight this is to find new adventures to discuss and explore.
  • Life is right now and every moment is good. There's always something to be gained in moments. Find them and explore.
  • Rediscover that part of me I found in Brussels. It was like I had no cares in the world. I've been struggling to return to that state since coming back.
  • The Secret says (I think) don't worry about the how of getting what you want. That's sometimes hard to accept because I want to know how. Again, do I have to let that go? Yes, maybe.
  • The vacation was the best thing for me. I feel better, cleaned out, good.
  • I should make up a vision board. What is my vision? To write and edit on the web. Find a stable relationship. Manage my finances better. Move (close by? back to Brussels?)
  • That's good for now. Now, I have to be in action.
  • Don't forget your primary foods.
  • It's weird--when I was think of Brussels, I imagine it at my local time, not the time there.
  • I was just in a restaurant that's long since burned down.
  • The flashbacks, I think they give me comfort.

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