Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The thunder rolls

Nights like this would scare the hell out of me as a kid.

The sky here went from peacefully cloudy to menacing in 40 minutes. A bad thunderstorm is approaching. The wind has strengthened, bringing change and cool air to ease the heat of the past few days. The trees rustle and sway, the horizon brightens with flashes of brilliant light.

When I was little, I was scared to death of thunderstorms. The lightning and the thunder frightened me. The closer the thunder came, the jumpier I got. Once, I was looking out the window when lightning struck nearby. I jumped for my life and ran back into the living room.

My second greatest fear was a storm was dealing with it at night. My greatest fear was being alone in one.

Like right now.

But I learned more about storms, and weather, and what scared me fascinated me. Instead of running away and hiding, I discovered. I discovered these things that tower overhead. And I discovered myself.

The sound of the rain against the pavement, the scent of the air, the sight of lightning filling, the rolling thunder chasing the wind---you can't imagine the beauty it brings to my soul.


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