Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ouvert 24/24

In Belgium, I would see these signs around:

Ouvert 24h sur 24h

Or, open 24 hours (a rarity there).

This is what I aim for with my heart. To be open to everything that comes into its realm.

And it hurts sometimes.

Twice today, I found myself shedding tears. Of joy, and of sorrow.

Tears for my friend's mother, who will be ok after chemo to get rid of the cancer.

Tears of sorrow for a man hit by someone who didn't stop. And tears of anger at the people who stood by and did nothing to aid him.

And you want me to close off my heart, my soul, my empathy, my compassion?

They will stay open.

Vingt quatre sur vingt quatre.

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