Tuesday, June 3, 2008

From Paulo Coelho's question of the day...

The Greek poet Kavafis, referring to Ulysses, says: “keep Ithaca in mind, but I hope that your journey will last many years, and you will learn everything you need to learn.” Although he was forced to face difficult circumstances, he knew that Penelope was waiting for him at the end of his ordeals. This happens to all of us - we must have confidence that, in the end, we will find what we have been struggling for.

I don't want the journey to last years. I guess I'm a victim of the I-want-it-now culture we live in. But I think I'm built a little different. I know that the journey is never as fast as I want it to be. Experience has taught me that. Experience has also taught me to keep...fighting.

The confidence/high regard I have for myself is hard-won, battle-tested. It doesn't shoot out of my butt like fireworks, but it is ever-present.

The journey/sojourn/pilgrimage, I suppose, is like a child--just beginning.


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