Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Amen to that

Or, standing on the shoulders of giants

I was reading my hometown paper and on the front page was the story of a remarkable woman. It ended this way...

"God has been merciful to me." "I still feel like I'm 14!"

I hope when I turn 105, like she did on June 1, I still feel that way.

Even though I've 36, I have felt younger--a smarter 29 or 30 as it were. And with the changes in me over the the past 15 months, and with the journey my heart is going through now, I believe it will stay that way.

The woman in the story is remarkable, the soul of resilience. Her father was a slave. She couldn't go to school, instead being home-taught. Yet, she worked for the State Department in Washington for 11 years.

She overcame a lot. I have no excuses.
Thank you.

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