Friday, May 9, 2008

Where I am

I am in a space that people normally avoid. Having had my heart broken, I should not feel and good, as wonderful as I do. I should feel sad.

It's the opposite.

I feel more capable, more able, more willing to be the man a woman wants. I wobbled, yes, but the experience made me stronger. The broken heart I had is replaced by the stronger heart I possess.

It's simple--after a fashion. I have refused to be less. I continued to be what I was and what I am--as good as I can be.

It could have been easy to slip into stereotypes, and stupid behavior. I choose to be everything I could be. I want to be everything I can.

Feeling the piece of my life that is missing, yes. But feeling strongly, powerfully, the good, warm, wonderful feelings of what I possess, and can give.

I am grateful to be in the place I stand in. I am thankful for the space I inhabit.

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