Sunday, May 18, 2008


I've said before that I am in a different place, different space, different realm. I remain as capable of being everything I can possibly be for someone. But the means is vastly different. The appeal isn't to the body, the appeal is to the soul. The appeal has to be renewed every day. If there is a wonder why I am so repetitive, this is it.

I have never been so scared of a journey as I am right now.

I moved away from home in my mid-twenties to start my career in the big city. I remember driving the U-Haul truck, with most of everything I own in the back, up Interstate 95 in the darkness of a Sunday night.

I moved overseas, to a country I'd never been to. I remember looking back over my shoulder at the New York skyline. I remember getting off the plane in Brussels into this strange new world.

Neither scared me as much as the journey I am on now. Neither has moved me to the tears I shed now like this.

As scared I am, I still possess courage, energy and strength. I am not standing still.

After a night of dreams and slumber, the journey is renewed at the first light of day. And with it, I am renewed.


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