Monday, May 12, 2008

My sensei, yes, you are my friend. But I am not going to be a standard friend to you. We have experienced too much to be "just friends." What I feel, what you have made me feel, in my heart, my soul, my spirit is deeper, more heartfelt, more powerful than anything I have experienced in my life. So if you wonder why I resist "just friends," this is the reason.
Yes, I understand where you are in your life, and I respect that. I too understand where I am in my life, and it is unlike any other place I have occupied. This is why the usual conventions, words aren't settling in. The usual precepts about love and relationships can't contain or describe what I feel. I know what you seek in me is not what you're getting. Because I feel so much, I give so much.
My giving, my words are not of control. We both know that is impossible. My words to you are your favorite word: nourishment. For you, your heart, and your soul. No heavy hand of control, only the lightness of the present.
I have, though, placed several hats upon your wonderful head. Sensei, goddess, angel, muse, friend, poet. To me, you wear them all well. I readily see many good things in you. Especially the poetry. I have told you before--I think you should write, and share your heart with the world. Share your creativity. Nurture it and nourish it. I know of someone who can guide you.
In every word, action, deed I present to you, it comes from my heart, my soul and my spirit. It will remain so.

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