Friday, May 23, 2008

Let the rain fall

It is an absolutely beautiful morning here. The air is freshened by a wonderful breeze, giving it the slightest nip. A few puffy white clouds dot the azure blue sky. A far cry from the gray and rain that has dominated the skies recently.

When the rain falls from the sky, we duck under hoods and umbrellas, dodging the drops. Little do we realize that the gray manna from the heavens actually showers the earth, and us, with nourishment.

For the mother of a friend, there is an uncertain deluge falling. A mass was found in her lung. A biopsy will be done Tuesday. My friend has asked for her friends to pray for her mom and her. And that I will do. It's the least I can do.

No one ever wants a rain like this. This can, and does, bring anyone to their knees. Asking God why me. Why her.

Even in the middle of the rainstorm, God, or whatever force you believe in, will nourish you, not drown you.


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