Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yo C,
Good talking to you the other day. Keep that weight off, man--you're looking good.
I can tell you're feeling good, too. Your spirit is light--lighter than it ought to be. I know you don't have everything you want. But there is something I can tell about you--you seem to feel as great as you ever have in your life right now. There is a confidence and purpose to you. Here's the reason why, if I may be so bold to say it--it's because you know you can give and be and receive everything you want and need in your life.
You have such an amazing, huge, spectacular heart. It would be so easy for you to be weighed down by where you are right now. The tears I saw welling up in you point that out. Yet, your strength, your persistance, your knowledge in what you want is steadfast. I wonder if I could ever muster the fortitude and strength you possess. I've never known anyone like you. And I'm glad I know you.
You really shouldn't feel as good as you do, but you do. Your fire burns as bright as the sun. Feed the fire.
What's that word you use all the time? Namaste? What does that mean?

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