Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sight The bright sun shone its warm rays down upon me, bringing energy and nourishment to my soul.

The open expanses of sand around me recall space.

The ocean itself, lit by the morning sun, recall infinity, stretching past the horizon.

The waves crashing against the shore recall the power of the ocean, the energy that never wanes. Its motions are steadfast, ever-present. A mirror for my soul. A marker for me to emulate.


The roar of the waves is hypnotic, intoxicating. They drown out the sounds of man, but not the beating of my heart, nor the whispers of my soul. They speak to me as loudly as the ocean's waves, calling me, telling are as great as what you see if front of you.


The coolness of the morning dissipates as I walk the boardwalk.

The other strollers there feel the same.

A lightness carries me along in the morning light. Invisible, yet present.

The broken shells on the sand tingle against the soles of my feet.

The warmth of the sand warmed my soul, and made me smile.

The coolness of the sand enlivens me.

The coolness of the water jolts my conscious.

The ocean, in its infinite wisdom, says, I have enough. Take from me. And nourish others.

I will.


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