Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eyes wide open

Dear chehaw,

So, another month is drawing to a close. Where are you? Not physically, but spiritually, emotionally?

If I may be so bold to guess, I think you look like you are in the same place as you were at the beginning of the month. I say look because it's hard to tell where you are, or where anyone is, by merely looking at the face and body. After all, the body is only the container for the soul.

I think your soul feels good. You don't feel as happy as you could feel. But you remain as confident as ever about your quest. You feel the rivers of life flowing in you all the time, and all you want to do is to let those waters flow out of you to someone. Something so simple, and so complex, all at once.

You have doubts and lonely times, I know you don't deny this. And you treat these as they should be treated, as temporary. What fuels you is hope, faith and belief. You believe in what you can do and what you can be for the heart and the soul of a woman. You have always known you can uplift someone. Your style is a little different, yes. But your intentions are always good.

I have to agree with your friend. I have difficulty imagining why any woman wouldn't want what you have, and are willing to give. Why someone won't take the shield of protection you hold out for them is beyond me.

And still. In your quiet way, you remain extraordinary. Your resiliency is remarkable. I sense it's that why because you never lose sight of what you have. And what you want to give.

Keep your eyes open.


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