Monday, April 28, 2008


I am in possession of the most incredible energy, passion, to be everything I can be for myself, and more importantly, for someone else. Everyday, I am like this. And everyday, I pour out what I have here.

I have to, because what I have and what I feel cannot be contained in me. It has to be outside of me. It is not where I want it to be (or, perhaps it is, in some way). I can't contain it. And I make no apologies for not containing it, and I make no apologies for how I feel. It is as ingrained in me as anything I have felt in my life.

I want to pour this out. I want the world, the universe, the roots, the soil, to know what I have. I want this rooted into the ground, and I want it stretching into the sky. I want this feeling, this state, to be me. And I want it to be for someone else.

This morning, I quoted Pablo Neruda. I can't say it any better than him. I want to make someone blossom like a cherry tree. I want to nourish their roots, their buds, their leaves, their beautiful flowers, their beautiful fruit.

I can't think of anything more beautiful to give to someone. I don't want to be possessive of what I have. I never want to be that way.


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