Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pay attention

Is it really that hard to be mindful? Is it that hard to pay attention to the breeze blowing in your face? A clump of snow that refuses to melt away?

Things happen to us everyday, and we don't show enough gratitude for them, and we aren't present enough to realize them. We turn things off because we can't face the stresses, the pressures of daily life. Here are a few ways if you're unsure of how.

I want to be present, here, aware. Sense everything--everything--around me. Touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing. I want to be one with it all.

Those pulses. I want to feel them. When they come, I want them to wash over me like an ocean wave.

The coffee I just sipped. I noticed its warmth, its smoothness, its chocolate taste.

Stevie Ray Vaughn is playing now. And his riffs are giving me goosebumps.

How sad would life be if you didn't notice what was around you?

I am striving to be present in everything I do. I want to give the present of being present.

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