Saturday, March 1, 2008

Over my shoulder

I don't want to be narcissistic here. Really, I don't. Read through these pages, and you could get that impression. Yes, I do celebrate here. But the point is not to just celebrate me and what I'm capable of, but also to celebrate what I have been given and what I can give. To turn what's been gifted to me into gifts for others.

I looked back at what I had written last month, and it was a lot. And I got the sense that my roots had deepened. My energy grew. My heart grew. My capacities and my potential grew. My mornings are glorious. I dream every night. More and more I know I can be everything.

I'll admit, this is a little scary. How long can I continue to do this, be on this road? Will I last? Will I wear myself? Every time I ask the questions, I get the answers.

And I move ever higher.

One big question remains. I feel like as long as I pour out my capacities, it will be answered.

Get your popcorn ready. Let's see what March holds.

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