Thursday, February 28, 2008

Run away from me?

I saw this article from CNN (hat tip here), and I'm a little pissed.

Plainly, it's bullshit.

I'm not perfect, I stumble, yes, but I try my best. But I'm sick and tired of these stories about how dumb, stupid, idiotic and insane men are. I'm tired of being put in a box I don't belong in. I'm tired of limits and stereotypes, and being told by society that that's all your capable of being. I want to go beyond what people think I can do. I know I can go beyond it.

To me, the article says that you're one of these 10 types, and that's all you'll ever be.


All I've been talking about for days and weeks and months is potential and possibilities. Being more that myself. Greater than myself. This article wants to put me in a box that can't possibly hold all the things I am and can be.

I am capable of being more than the article says I am. I do more.

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