Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The question

The question comes up everyday. What do I have to do to be in the place I want to be? Truly want to be? There is a key piece of my life that is missing. I have a lot, and I'm happy now, but I want more. What will it take for me to achieve it?

And another question: I’m good at my job. Why can’t I be good at finding this piece?

They come up—it’s natural for it to happen. And if you allow yourself, you can be laid low by them. Knocked off course by them. Left weeping by them.


Something amazing happens. My heart, my soul, my spirit turn that negative, draining energy into something golden, bright, warm. Positive, transformational, urgent. I do nothing consciously to make this happen. It just does.

Imagine a ballerina dancing out of a spin. Or a running back cutting around linebackers. It’s sort of like that.

My capacities to give, and forgive, remain enormous.

I go beyond what I can do, and go to what I can be.

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