Sunday, June 3, 2007

Going to extremes

There was a fascinating article in today's Washington Post about extreme commuting, and the challenges couples face when one or both has a job 60 to 90 minutes away. One couple contemplated a divorce because the man was working in Tysons Corner, but lived in Charlottesville, two hours away--if he was lucky. He wised up, found a job in C'ville, and hopefully his family life will improve.

But why do we endure such hellish commutes? Probably for the Holy Grail of having a nice house far from the maddening (and blindingly expensive) city. But is the trek to and from home five days a week, and untold miles and hours worth it? The toll it takes on your health, your marriage, your family, your life? Wouldn't it be more advantageous to change your lifestyle, downshift? Or is that too hard to do? Or contemplate? Have we gotten so enamored of the work we do, the dream of the big house, and the swagger of saying we have a long commute that we've forgotten to take the time for ourselves and our families?

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