Monday, June 4, 2007


My car has a cruise control function. Set it to the speed you want, and always you go. You don't have to think a lot about it. Yet, I've never used it. I've always liked the act of driving. Being behind the steering wheel, paying full attention to what's in front and around me, knowing that I can react well to any situation. I'm in the moment, conscious and aware of my surroundings. That's why I like to go on long drives: It's one of the few moments when I know I'm fully present.

So why is it that I can do this in the car, but I'm on autopilot everywhere else? At work, in life, why do I turn on the switch and just drone through the day? How can I slow down, and pay attention to myself, listen to myself, and be there, anywhere, and not be a mindless robot? Maybe that's all I need to do: slow down, pay attention to myself and the signals I'm sending and receiving. Being in that moment, right there, and nowhere else.

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