Friday, June 1, 2007

After the storm

I was driving home in the early evening, and right into a thunderstorm. It was like heading into the maw of a gigantic monster--dark, boiling, spectacular flashes of lightening. The rain wasn't bad; the storm's bark was worse than its bite. Coming home, water vapor was rising from the road--hot asphalt plus cold rain. It's a cool, mysterious effect. Now, it's quiet, still. No wind, and fog is starting to roll in. A train passes off in the distance. That familiar hum marling civilization seems a little quieter.

(Well, it's almost quiet. I'm listening to TSF Jazz from Paris. Fabulous stuff. Going to see jazz there is always a special experience. TSF is the closest I can get to that right now. I usually listen about now, wondering what it would be like to be there, listening with someone special. One can hope...)

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